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April 11-15, 2016
ECT* Conference Room,
Trento, Italy
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The subject of structure of the nucleon demands theoretical developments in tandem with well thought and executed high precision experiments. This is more than ever true for the case of the three dimensional imaging of hadrons, a result of the complex dynamics described by QCD in building hadrons, in particular the nucleon.

The workshop would cover experimental and theoretical issues, from confirming key measurements and methods used to achieve a pristine extraction of the TMDs from the measurements of SIDIS and Drell-Yan, to factorization, evolution, universality, hadronization issues and interpretation of extracted TMDs including lattice QCD and other theoretical models. With the imminent start of the Jefferson Lab 12 GeV experiments in Hall A (SBS and SoLID), Hall B (CLAS12) and Hall C (HMS-SHMS) and current measurements a closer look at the projected impact of these measurements is warranted.