Unisoku UHV-300mK STM
Our laboratory is located in the basement of Barton Hall. This laboratory has been designed for low noise measurements and hosts different instruments including scanning tunneling microscopes.

The Unisoku UHV STM is hosted in a quiet room that provides shielding from acoustic as well as RF noise. Moreover, the microscope rests on a floating table that acts a passive noise filter and it is supported by an active vibration isolation system. The combination of vibrational, acoustic, and RF isolation makes this space suitable for very sensitive measurements.

The Unisoku UHV-300mK is an ultra-high-vacuum (UHV) scanning tunneling microscope (STM) designed to operate down to 300 mK in a magnetic field up to 9 Tesla. The cryostat that hosts the microscope is connected to two UHV chambers. This system has the ability to exchange both tips and sample from the STM stage located at the bottom of the cryostat.

The UHV chambers (in a base pressure of 10-11 Torr) are equipped with several components that allow preparation of tips and sample's surface in situ. The preparation chamber includes an electron beam heater for preparation of tips, a heating stage for samples, a sputtering source for substrates and tips cleaning, evaporation sources and a cold stage to control the sample temperature during evaporation. The system is also equipped with surface science tools such as Auger and low energy electron diffraction (LEED) spectroscopy to analyze the sample surface and a cold cleavage stage to cleave single crystals.