TU Wireless Network:

You have three options to connect to the TU wireless network. Please make use of options 1 and 2. We do have a 3rd option available, but only in limited amount which should be reserved for overseas attendees. Consult the network staff at the registration desk in case of any network questions.

(1) Option 1: Obtain temporary username / password using your cell phone

Temple's wireless network tusecurewireless requires a username and a password to connect to. If you have a Temple username and password, use them.

You can obtain a temporary guest 1-day access. Your username is your 10 digit cell phone number. Your password is obtained as follows:

Step 1: On your laptop or phone close all browsers.

Step 2: Connect to wireless network tuguestwireless.

Step 3: Open a browser and register using your cell phone.

Step 4: Your password is received as a text message on your cell phone.

After this, connect to wireless network tusecurewireless and login using your assigned username and password. For longer access periods, repeat as needed! Detailed instructions are available from here.

(2) Option 2: Use eduroam

Select the wireless network eduroam and login with your home institution credentials, i.e. your username and password from your home institution. Detailed instructions on eduroam are available from here.