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Control of the Emergent Electronic Properties in Mott Oxides

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Probing Bulk Electronic Structure with Hard X-ray Angle-Resolved Photoemission

Alexander X. Gray, Copyright, 2018

See recent invited book chapter in the Springer Series in Materials Science (2018)

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Depth-Resolved Electronic Structure at Oxide Interfaces

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Ultrafast Control of Phase Transitions in Strongly-Correlated Materials

One of the key scientific directions of our group is the study of phase transitions in strongly-correlated materials. We utilize external stimuli, such as THz pulses, temperature and strain to initiate and control the transition. Then we use static and ultrafast synchrotron– and FEL-based x-ray techniques to investigate and separate the various degrees of freedom involved in the process.

Another important direction that our group pursues is the understanding and harnessing control of the emergent electronic phenomena in ultrathin Mott oxides. We utilize advanced polarization-dependent x-ray spectroscopic and scattering techniques in conjunction with state-of-the-art theory and synthesis to tune key electronic and structural parameters in ultrathin oxide films.

Our group is involved in the development and advancement of novel depth-resolved x-ray spectroscopic techniques, such as the standing-wave photoemission and spectromicroscopy. We apply these techniques to studies of emergent electronic and magnetic phenomena at interface.

See recent invited book chapter in the Springer Series in Surface Science (2016)

Another important scientific direction of our group involves the development and applications of hard x-ray angle-resolved (as well as angle-integrated) photoemission techniques for bulk electronic structure determination.

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