Nikolaos Sparveris

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Athens

Office: BA405
Phone: 215-204-7425
Fax: 215-204-5652

Research Interests:

Professor Sparveris is currently pursuing his research at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, VA, USA and at the MAMI Microtron, Mainz, Germany, where he is conducting experiments by scattering unpolarized and polarized electron beams from unpolarized and polarized nuclear targets. The goal of his research is to address some of the fundamental questions in nuclear physics, such us understanding the quark-gluon substracture of the nucleons, to decode the interplay of the mesonic and the quark-gluon degrees of freedom inside the nucleon, to understand the distributions, polarizabilities and the shape of the nucleon as well as the dynamics that lie underneath these properties, and to explore deeper the dynamics of the few-body nuclear systems.

Selected Publications:

Measurement of the partial cross sections LT, TT and sigma0 for the p(e,epi+)n reaction in the Delta(1232) resonance, Physical Review C (in press) , nucl-ex/0810.4563 J. Kirkpatrick, N.F. Sparveris et al.

Beam-helicity asymmetry measurements in the Virtual Compton Scattering reaction in the gamma*p->Delta transition at Q2=0.20 (GeV/c)2, nucl-ex/0811.2063 (to be submitted) N.F. Sparveris et al.

Hard Photodisintegration of a photon pair, Physics Letters B 684 (2010) 106-109 I. Pomeranz et al.

Virtual Compton Scattering reaction measurements in the gamma*N->Delta transition, Physical Review C 78, 018201 (2008) N.F. Sparveris et al.

Measurements of the gamma*p->Delta reaction at low Q2 : probing the mesonic contribution Physical Review C 78, 025209 (2008) S. Stave, N.F. Sparveris et al.

Determination of quadrupole strengths in the gamma*p->Delta transition at Q2 = 0.20 (GeV/c)2, Physics Letters B 651 (2007) 102-107 N.F. Sparveris et al.

Search for Quadrupole amplitudes in the N-Delta transition at Bates and Mainz, AIP Conf. Proc. 904: 213-221 (2007) N.F. Sparveris

Lowest Q2 measurement of the gamma*p->Delta reaction : Probing the pionic contribution, Eur. Phys. J. A 30, 471-476 (2006) S. Stave et al.

Measurements of the Generalized Electric and Magnetic Polarizabilities of the Proton at Low Q2 Using the VCS Reaction, Physical Review Letters 97, 212001 (2006) P. Bourgeois et al.

Investigation of the conjectured nucleon deformation at low momentum transfer, Physical Review Letters 94, 022003 (2005) N.F. Sparveris et al.

Electro-excitation of the Delta. Spherical asymmetry of the nucleon, International Journal of Modern Physics A , Vol.20, No 8-9, 1693-1698 (2005) N.F. Sparveris

Measurement of the RLT response function for pi0 electroproduction at Q2 = 0.070 (GeV/c)2 in the N->Delta transition, Physical Review C 67, 058201 (2003) N.F. Sparveris et al.

Measurement of the Transverse-Longitudinal Cross Sections in the p(e,ep)pi0 reaction in the Delta Region, Physics Letters B 564 (2003) 21-26 C. Kunz et al.

Performance of a compact detector package for the out-of-plane spectrometer system, Nuclear Instruments and Methods A 487 (2002) 365-380 Z.-L. Zhou et al.

The IASA RaceTrack Microtron Facility Nuclear Physics A663-664 (2000) 1095-1098 E.Stiliaris et al.

Optics for the IASA CW RTM Advances in Nuclear Physics (1997) 106-112 (ISBN: 960-319-108-6) N.F. Sparveris et al