Dieter Forster

Ph.D., Harvard University

Office: BA322
Phone: 215-204-7632
Fax: 215-204-5652

Research Interests:

We know much less about the structure of liquids than we do about solid phases. Research is continuing on equilibrium and non-equilibrium fluctuations in simple liquids and liquid metals. We are also investigating fluctuations in liquid crystals and in molecular liquids. In recent years it has been found that even at long wavelength and low frequency the dynamical behavior of fluctuations in many-body systems is more singular than previously assumed, even far from critical points. We use field-theoretical and renormalization group techniques to investigate these singularities (longtime tails) in a variety of physical systems. This work has implications for the age-old problem of turbulence. There is, furthermore, some work on the properties of systems near phase transitions, with emphasis on relaxation behavior near critical points.